Things To Know About CBD Edibles

CBD edibles

Things To Know About CBD Edibles

CBD ediblesYou may have seen CBD edibles in specialty stores or online which harkens back to a time of marijuana-infused brownies. But the truth is that cannabidiol or CBD is different than marijuana as it does not contain THC, which is the substance that causes the “high”. CBD is safe and has a relatively mild effect on the mind and body, especially when consumed with other products such as chocolate edibles.

However, everyone reacts to CBD differently, so if you have never tried it before there are a few things you need to know.



CBD Edibles are not Marijuana

You are not going to get high eating a CBD chocolate edible. CBD is cannabidiol which is mostly produced from industrial hemp, not marijuana. And while industrial hemp does contain a small amount of THC, with most CBD edibles that has been gleaned from the product itself. That is why industrial hemp was removed the banned substances list in the 2018 Farm Bill which led to the CBD revolution that is seen today.

There are marijuana edibles on the market in states that approve its recreational use. Also, if you qualify in states that approve marijuana for medical purposes, then you can get edibles made with THC included. So, if you are shopping around for edibles with just CBD only, you will need to understand the distinction between the two products in case you live in a state that offers both to the general public.

Lots of Choices

You can find a wide variety of CBD edibles that range from chocolate edibles to all types of foods infused with this substance. You may find that they do not taste much different than without CBD. This is because the CBD can be infused in such amounts that the actual taste of the product is quite small within the edible.

In addition to chocolate, you can also go with hard candy or natural substances such as granola bars and the like. With so many new edibles on the market, you will have your choice of what to eat. So, it is best to start with something you know you like. However, don’t be afraid to branch out afterwards and try the different edibles that are available.

It Takes Time

CBD ediblesIt’s not like you are going to take a bite and immediately feel the effects. The edible has to reach the stomach, get broken down, and passed into the intestinal system before the CDB starts to be absorbed into the body. There is also not a “high” associated with CBD, but rather a relaxing, calm feeling that may take up to two hours depending on your digestive system to take hold.

So, if you do not feel anything right away, resist the temptation to eat more. It’s going to take time for your body to start feeling the results.

Start with Small Amounts

CBD edibles are already small in terms of the amount of cannabidiol that is included. Plus, because they are being eaten and digested as opposed to inhaled directly into the lungs, the effects will be reduced and take longer to be felt. Still, if you have never taken CBD before, you may want to eat only half an edible or take your time before consuming all of it.

This is not because CBD represents some kind of danger to your body, although in extremely rare cases there have been a few which have suffered an allergic reaction. It’s really the relaxing effect that is felt after the CBD has been digested. If you are not used to it, then it may take you by surprise. This is why you should start with small amounts at first until you reach the desired effect.

Be Careful About Combining CBD Edibles

In other words, what you consume along with the edibles may have an effect which is unexpected. You may find yourself in a bit of a quandary as the edibles may not mix well with some other substances, particularly alcohol. This means that you need to be a bit careful when mixing or combining CBD products with other types of substances that are also designed to produce a desired effect.

This means that if you consume CBD products with a normal meal and beverages, you should not have any issues. However, when combining it with products that include stimulants such as alcohol, caution is strongly advised.

Trust the Source

CBD ediblesWhile many CBD products come from manufacturers that have earned a strong reputation in the market, others have not. And while this does not mean you should distrust all sources you should do a little homework first before trying out any new edibles.

This is because CBD is a flourishing industry with many new companies appearing seemingly overnight. While most will follow the rules and regulations that maintain high quality standards, there will be a few that are simply in it for a quick buck. Be sure to check out the source of the edible first before you put it in your body.


CBD is legal in most states which means that if you live and consume the product you should have no trouble. However, there are still a few states which do not recognize the legality of CBD or have certain restrictions that may come into effect if you cross the state line with the product in hand. Take a few minutes to know which states have such regulations.

But then again, if you are not going anywhere and you can buy CBD legally in your state, then you should have not issues. Be aware that some businesses may have rules about consuming the product on their property. In addition, if your business tests for drugs, then they might include THC of which trace amounts may be included in your CBD edible. You will need to find out before consuming the product.

CBD edibles are tasty, safe, and come in a wide variety of types. From candies to natural products, there is an edible product out there for you. Plus, you can stick with the traditional chocolate edibles or go with more exotic types, it’s your choice.

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