Best Colorado Edibles

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Best Colorado Edibles

CBD ediblesIf you live in Colorado, then you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to CBD edibles and their THC counterparts. From chocolate edibles to traditional brownies to all sorts of goodies, there is a wide range of edibles available. Finding the right edibles for your needs means having to choose from the best in drinks, gummies, suckers, truffles, and even butters and oils that have been infused with cannabis.

Of course, just about any product that can be baked may be infused with CBD or marijuana depending on your choice. What follows are what is considered by many to be the best edibles found in the Rocky Mountain state.


If you like a chocolate edible, then BlueKuda is the place to start. Based out of Denver, BlueKuda offers a line of chocolate goodies with varying amounts of THC and CBD for your needs. You can even choose edibles that offer a considerable amount of antioxidants along with those made from gluten-free sources. This means that you can indulge in delicious flavors such as cherry almond dark chocolate along with cookies and cream.

They also offer those who enjoy coffee a Coffee Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar, but beware that it contains about 100 milligrams of THC.


CBD ediblesIf you are looking to consume cannabis in beverage form, then CannaPunch is one of the best. The advantage here is that the sugar content is lower compared to sweets or desserts which is the usual form of edibles. The punch is both organic and vegan without adding any corn syrup or soy. This means that you can enjoy a refreshing glass of this non-carbonated drink without having to worry about your waistline.

However, if you want something to snack on with the drink, then try some of the Dutch Girl line of caramel waffles. They can really hit the spot if you are looking for that perfect combination of natural juice and tasty treat.

Cheeba Chews

Noted for being the original chocolate taffy infused with marijuana, Cheeba Chews have developed a strong reputation across the state. The reputation stems not just from the taste, but the fact that the taffy allows the potency to be consistent. However, consumers should be warned about eating too many at once despite how good they taste. If you have never consumed cannabis before, then you should take it easy when discovering these chewy delights.

Keep in mind that Cheeba Chews are mostly noted for their content of THC. If you want to avoid that substance and stick with CBD, you may have to look around to find that type of product.

Coda Signature Chocolates

An award-winner in 2016 for being the best edible infused with cannabis, these chocolate truffles are tasty with a great texture and consistent potency. For those who consume the truffles with THC, the dose is a consistent 10 milligrams. That means you know exactly what you are going to get. But what makes these chocolates so popular is also the taste. A considerable amount of effort has gone into creating this line of chocolates with the cannabis infusion using the CO2 extraction for maximum efficiency.


CBD ediblesIf there is one name that stand out from the rest, it is Incredibles. Offering a wide range of edible products that include chocolate bars, concentrates, gummies, and more, Incredibles is arguably the best in terms of the high-quality ingredients that they use. Plus, they mix and match the cannabis along with CBD quite well in products such as the famous Monkey Bar. A milk chocolate bar with toasted walnuts, coconut, and bananas. Incredibles is well-known outside of Colorado as well, expanding into five states already with more on the way in the coming years.

Love’s Oven

A traditional bakery run by Hope Frahm, a noted pastry chef, Love’s Oven is located in Denver and has quickly developed a reputation for creating some of the finest CBD edibles on the market today. The edibles are not only high-quality, but locally sourced and uses organic ingredients when it is possible.

What makes Love’s Oven special is the strain-specific line of edible products that they offer. That way, you can fine-tune the experience you want when consuming from the many different selections that they offer. The 10 to 1 CBD line is especially popular, and you can find them at the home store or in the over 100 dispensaries located in Colorado.

Sweet Grass Kitchen

Based in Denver, Sweet Grass Kitchen offers a wide range of baked goods which include their famous chocolate chip cookies and brownie bites. They do not use hash or extracts when creating their confections. Instead, the company uses cannabutter that is triple-strained and slow simmered for maximum effect.

With nearly 500 dispensaries across the state distributing the products of Sweet Grass Kitchen, it’s little wonder that it has become a favorite of both recreational and medical use.

Wana Brands

CBD ediblesChances are you have heard of Wana Brands as they are some of the best selling in all of Colorado. This is especially true of their gummy line which is regarded as the best in the state. In fact, Wana Brands sells almost half the gummies in the marketplace today and shows no signs of slowing down. You can choose from the wide variety of gummies, such as blueberry, strawberry, watermelon, mango, and many other flavors.

Plus, you can choose the level of CBD and THC you want to intake by selecting the right product. This allows you to choose the experience you want. The gummies are especially popular because they keep well and offer a consistent potency that is often lacking with other types of edibles.

If you are looking to avoid smoking marijuana, especially in public places, then having THC edibles may be the answer. Of course, you can also choose to forego the THC and stick with the safer, milder CBD edibles that come in many forms. That way, you can enjoy your chocolate edibles and the like when you want.

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